Alias problem with My Book


I used to connect my My Book Studio Edition directly to my MacBook Pro. Back up using WD Anywhere. No problem. Then I decided to hook up my My Book to my Time Capsule via USB, not for backup but just for file storage. And now, suddenly I cannot access to My Book although the drive is well mounted on the my Mac (Snow Leopard). Whenever I click on the icon My Book, I got the message below: “The alias “My Book” can’t be opened because the original item can’t be found.” What’s wrong? I have another Mac at home and I can access to My Book through Time Capsule without any problem.


1.  Did you upgrade to Snow Leopard by chance?

2.  Are you using USB or 1394?

3.  Do you know what FW the My Book Studio has? 

3.  I read similar thread on the internet and found below.  Some people’s problem is fixed.  I am not certain your problem is exactly same.  Please try it (fix is free).

Search for “Xcode” and try the instruction there. 

Good luck.