Alernative way to install transmission

Nazar78 site is often (very often) down.
So I wonder if I can install transmission using a different way.
New FW is out so we must have to run the installer again.



Hello, mauriga

Well, you can refer to the given article in order to install the ‘Transmission’ App

Moreover, you can also follow the instructions mention on the given link in order to install the transmission app on My cloud.

Both those methods are for Gen2 devices.
The first link is for Mirror+ devices. This is the basic MyCloud forum, so the first method won’t work, unless the users install fox_exe’s wd_crack to overcome your vertical product differentiation limitations, and allow the installation of apps on basic Gen2 MyClouds:

Nazar’s installers are for Gen1 devices.

Assuming the OP has a Gen1 device (which is why they are trying to use Nazar’s installer), those links won’t help.