ALAC-compatible iTunes Server?


I’m running iTunes 10.5 so can’t test it myself, so: does the iTunes server on 1.02.12 support ALAC (Apple Lossless) files?  If not, is there a manual update I can perform to enable this?

Otherwise, would it be possible to install a different server that supports this (maybe forked-daapd or something)?



As far as I know it should play ALAC as long as they are not DRM-protected, and there’s no update on the MBW for that. And yes, you can install other servers on the MBW but they are not official, just Google and you’ll find a custom-firmware development page just for the MBW.


When you say “custom firmware”, are you referring to Optware?  I’ve examined this as a path, but the How-Tos and walkthroughs I can find are pretty poorly maintained and not updated regularly (ie. for new firmwares) so implementing anything from one of those would be largely trial-and-error.  I’ve also found that several people have found it hard to get anything to work at all - for example, forked-daapd.

*shrug* Linux may be free and open-source, but the support isn’t really there.



I’ve just tested the server with Simple DAAP Client for the iPhone.  It plays MP3s just fine, but selecting a non-DRMed ALAC track results in an error message:

Music is requested, but server returned an error.

So, i guess it won’t work.