AirPlay gone in latest MyCloud App Update!

I used to use the iOS MyCloud app to AirPlay from my iPad to AppleTV. I see the latest incarnation of the app has ripped this functionality out… Why? Now the app is completely useless to me. 


Have you tried reinstalling the app?

I’ve also lost AirPlay. One of the features I used most with Apple TV. Tried to reinstall but it’s just completely gone. Why have WD removed this function?

It is there on my iOS My Cloud app, but only for streamed music, not movies. You should be able to find the AirPlay option when you stream an audio file, and then go to the ‘panel’ in the app where you select your device, other cloud service, a d see your activity etc. Strange to remove it from movie streaming, tho…

I have the same problem too. I can’t stream video via Apple TV anymore.

Reinstalled the mycloud app and software update on Apple TV but still doesn’t work.

Is WD aware of the issue ?