AIFF Playback

There was post on 3/31/11 about white noise at the end of each song when playing AIFF format ( AIFF playback).  My music library is in AIFF format and I just ordered a WD TV Live Hub.  Its been almost two years now and I’d like to know if this problem with AIFF playback has been fixed.

(I know I can convert everything to some other format such as FLAC but I shouldn’t have to go through all that since AIFF is supposed to be supported)


Have your files got tags.

Good question.  They were created by ripping CDs with iTunes.  Am I correct in assuming they would have tags in that case?

Would I have been better off ripping the CDs to WAV or does WAV have its own set of issues on WD TV Live Hub?


I don’t have any trouble with mp3. The reason I mentioned tags is the link you referred to had tracks with tags which probably caused the problem.