AHCI Problems

i have the WD5003ABYX running with W7 64-bit with an ASUS M5A88-M motherborad.

i tried to set, in the BIOS, the drive to mode AHCI, but then it will not boot.  i tried to see if i needed to change the registry, but the setting in there is 0, as it should be, for the AHCI setting.

things work fine in IDE mode.

any idea what to do, short of doing a clean W7 install?


try updating the Bios and drivers for MOBO

tried that.  downloaded a driver, and they wanted me to copy it to a disk.  there is no executible file tho to do any installation.  there is only file types cat, inf, sys.  so, not sure what to do.

i have the MOBO cd,and see there are AHCI named files on it, but when installing, it makes no mention of AHCI.

i was told if i installed W7 in IDE mode i have to re-install. in AHCI mode.  thought i could do this without a clean w7 install.  maybe not?

any furhter ideas?