After upgrading to 1.06.15_V doesn't save Network settings!


This is the first time  I post here. Everytime I have upgrade my WD TV Live I faced new minor bugs, but this time this is insane.

I upgraded to 1.06.15_V, after reseting I went to play some content I have in my networked PC as I have done thousand times, surprised when I saw clicking in Network Shares “The device could not connect to the network” I went to Network Settings and discovered that all settings were Ok I thought, settings reverted to factory by whatever reason, set back to my LAN settings (everything is wired) but after submiting settings, the problem persist!!

I go back to network settings and again everything is set No matter how many times I submit any network setting, it never will really them!!

This is really bad WD guys… Please tell me if there is any solution for this :frowning:

I reverted to 1.04.31_V, and NETWORK Shares are working again.

I won’t upgrade anything until WD releases a worth firmware upgrade, this is always the same history with new bugs. I can’t imagine poor people who doesn’t know anything about upgrading and downgrading, accepts the message about “new firmware is found” and get his WD TV Live box unusable anymore crying in the store were they bought it, out of warranty etc…

Sorry if my English is not correct, it is not my native language.

WD support team, please, release a good firmware upgrade and make us happy…