After updating to My Cloud OS 5, I can't access the dashboard

Hi, new user in this forum here,

I updated my MyCloud EX2 Ultra to OS 5 this morning and after rebooting, I can’t access to the dashboard. Strangely, I can still access to the files through LAN, but in this same network, the dashboard is not accesible. I have tried the new name I gave to the server, the default one, I have tried to set it up again, I also did the 4 second reset as well as the 40 second one but I can’t access it. The terminal command “arp -a” shows that it is apparently connected to the network. Is there something that I am missing?

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@mariomartreq The dashboard of a My Cloud can be accessed a few different ways:

The following KBA will be useful

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The above answer does not help me. It is not accepting my username and/or password.
The only view I have of anything is the screen snip below

The only option I have on this screen is to change my password. I am unable to view any other details that I know I have setup and yet aren’t being accepted.
Is there a reset button so I can start again from the beginning?

@psicorps the screenshot that you posted is for My Cloud OS 3 and not My Cloud OS 5. My Cloud OS 3 has it’s own Community Section, but the following OS 3 KBA will help you reset the unit.

How to Reset a My Cloud Device

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Hi SDBrown, for some reason, and after a good amount of hours after updating/rebooting, I managed to access to the dashboard through one on of the methods I had already tried many times. Thanks anyway for your quick response.

Thanks for the update. Can you provide your My Cloud System logs via private message? I would like engineering to take a look.

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Hi SBrown, the system does not allow me to send messages to you, being the error log “Sorry, you cannot send a personal message to that user.”

Please can you tell me how did you access the dashboard. I have the same problem.

Hi. Yesterday I made OS update on my WD My Cloud EX2 to My Cloud OS5 and there is no access to dashboard via browser. I made MyCloud reset and nothing can’t help. Please find some solution.