After updating to 02.43.09-038, my router keeps resetting - how do I downgrade to 02.43.03-022?

One day after my MyBookLive automatically installed the new FW 02.43.09-038 (without my permission), the router which the mybooklive is plugged into began resetting…and it has been resetting on a daily basis since, that was 17 days ago.  This only started right after the FW upgrade, so I know it has something to do with the mybooklive.  Can someone provide me the instructions on how to downgrade my FW back to the previous version?  Along with a link to the 02.43.03-022 FW?



Have you tried resetting both sevices manually?

Check all the physical connections on both units.

Yes, multiple time actually

Downgrading the firmware on the My Book Live is a not supported procedure, although some user were able to do so, it’s not recommended.

As a recommendation, contact WD Support for direct assistance.

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