After Update to EL Capitan: My MyBook for Mac shutdown after 5 seconds availability

After Update to OS X EL Capitan my MyBook for Mac is available for 5 seconds an d the shutsdown,
every time i connect or reconnect the drive.
Before the Update my MacBook Pro 13" runs with OS X Yosemite.

Now i changes back to OS X Yosemite this Drive , MyBook, runs again very well.
No Problems.

Is there a new driver from WD for EL Capitain oder a new firmware Update.
Everybody who uses a MyBook for Mac should stay on Yosemite unless
WD delivers a Solution, in my opinion.


Hello, did you check if the USB were set to be enable all the time?

But why should my usb ports autmatic disabled by OS X El Capitan?

In some cases a major update can change the settings of things like USB and PCI ports, in my case, when I upgraded from Win 7 to Win 10, I had to redo all my setting for the video card and overclocking.

Thank you for your answer but how may experience do you have with
macbook pro’s and/or OS X?

Got the solution by myself:

Do not install WD Tools (all and also do not install the turbo driver)at all if you want your MyBook for mac on
el Capitan or Yosemite running.