After the hack

I have problems with my cloud home duo, after the hack, I can’t make a backup of my iPhone photos, it just keeps hanging saying that it is preparing the backup, is it normal? How long does it take to prepare the backup?

as for me- I cannot pass past initialisation. It just says that an update of the firmware is due and then the box is stuck in slow breathing mode…

It was the worst idea to buy this WD ■■■■… I purchased the box 30.03 and it is not more than a piece of junk consuming electricity since then. WD service not helpful.

Tomorrow I ll go to the shop where I bought it and try to get my money back.

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I can not agree more. I throw the box away after first succesful installation 4 weeks ago. Thought it was working fine and I could use this device for a long time.

Suddenly the system went off after 2 days of use, they didnt even bother to inform customers for a long time, then told us the service is unavailable/outage.

Now the system back online as they say, I’m still waiting for OTA update for 3 days or so. I got 1000mbps dsl connection. Was able to use the device with this setup and ISP. I’m sick of trying to figure out how to make this useless box to work.

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well, today I was in the store I bought this piece of garbage like 3 weeks ago. They took it back and told me that they’ve even removed it from the assortment because of all the problems. I switched to synology, lets hope they will do a better job.

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Happy to hear that. Tomorrow my lawyer gonna sue their office in Turkey because of the outage and the service they cant provide which they promise while advertising the product. I’m gonna give that useless white box back and get my money.


finger crossed for you! :+1:

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Also I had my device for 5 weeks before it went offline, after I talked to support, they redirected me to fill out a RMA because the device was still under warranty, so I’m waiting for the device replacement, hope arrives soo, I suggest do the same thing

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I’m happy with the product. About two days ago a hundred files were created and stored at the root of the drive. Anyone else has had this issue?