After resetting with Power Off there is one more Share with the old username

Dear Community,

After I restored the system, when I use the Mac to connect My Cloud can be seen in addition to the original two shares is another with old user name. But it can not be seen at all in Dashboard and other My Cloud clients (Desktop Mac, iOS).

Can it be deleted somehow?:cry:


If you sign in with admin in the dashboard you should see the share names under shares. If not you could try recreating the user name or shares then deleting them to get rid of any remnants

Thank you for your reply.
What I logined with is already the admin account (but name changed). And in trying to create a share the same name in Dashboard there was an error. The system may think that the share with the same name still exists. Did not know is there a way to delete it directly via ssh?

oh of course. SSH will probably be the only way since your are unable to create or delete it via the panel.

Your shares are under the directory /shares

so here are the few commands that you will need to navigate around the shares. 

cd /shares

will get you to your shares directory.


will list all your shares, you can probably delete Public but I think some of the software depends on it being there.

rmdir mysharename  

that is (r m d i r) without the spaces just in case you cannot see the individual letters

rm -rf mysharename

now if you have a lot of files under those directories use (r m - r f) without spaces. the -r is recursive and -f is force

be very careful as this could delete whole directories and including your whole drive…

so make sure you are under the correct directory, then ls to see where you are, then rm the files.

Good Luck… 

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thanks a lot! Did it with rm -rf mysharename :smileyvery-happy: