After reinstall win 10, Mtcloud not showing up under network tab

Can’t open mycloud, have had to open mycloud for some time using the hidden icons tab, no issue, after reinstall win 10 last night, when I try and open mycloud, nothing happens anymore, for a long time, I have not been able to open mycloud under the network tab, what have Microsoft done? very annoying
Regards Dave

The “network tab” has always been problematic for me. Sometimes, the unit shows up. Sometimes it doesn’t.

Can you still access if you type the \drivename or ipaddress in the address bar?

The reason is because the mycloud does not use the new network discovery protocols used by windows 10, and instead uses the old lanman announce protocols.

You have to turn on SMB1.0 protocol (which is disabled by default on recent win 10 builds) in order for that discovery function to work.

Dang it. . . . The last *&^#$ing update SMB 1.0 Server off. . . . .
(one computer fixed. . .two to go)