After only a year, HDD makes grinding noises at a certain angle

Title sums it up. Barely had this WD10EURX 1TB  year and it’s already showing issues. It started with the drive making a horrid grinding noise while spinning. I disconnected the drive just to confirm and it was. Well, I hooked the drive up and it continued to do this. But, while the drive was in my hands I could feel it vibrate and if I put any firm pressure on it the noise would stop. I decided to try what I could and positioned the drive so that it wouldn’t make the sounds anymore. It’s currently plugged up and makes minimal noise of any, but the slightest nudge sends it back into a racecar like grinding sound. I’ve tried to RMA it, but despite the fact it says I registered it on my account, it won’t let me RMA it.

I should also mention the SMART tests just *recently* started showing a current pending sector count error. I have an older drive that also suddenly started showing a relocation error. But I begin to wonder if these errors are caused from the system going into Sleep mode because before this they had no SMART read errors.

A Pending Sector could still be repaired. It might take a while to format the hard disk - you can try search around if there is any program that could locate its position and write to it. Otherwise just do a full format or zero fill and see if it goes away. A Reallocated Sector, to the best of my knowledge, cannot be repaired and it’s already been replaced with a spare sector by the firmware.

Hello  TheLetterJay,

See if the following link helps to identify the sound of the drive.

As a recommendation, contact WD Support for direct assistance on this case.

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