After firmware update (v03.03.01-156) - Unable to access device (0)

All was working fine, but ever since I’ve updated the firmware to v03.03.01-156, I now cannot access the drive unless I’m connected via WiFi at home.  I get “Unable to access device (0)” error message when I try to access with 3G/4G from my Galaxy S3.

All connections are set up and I even went in and forwarded ports 80 and 443 to the drive IP address, as it said in a few other threads.

Any ideas?

OK, so here is what I did to get it working again (though, time will tell for how long it works):

* Deleted “Cloud Device” for my phone in the Cloud Access section.

* Created new activation code by clicking Get Code in the Cloud Access section.

* Tried to connect with mobile app using Manual Config option and entered new activation code.

Now, all is working again.


I also removed the port forwarding router entries I had created based on another discussion (they didn’t fix anything, so I cleaned it up)

I hope this helps someone.