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THANK YOU SO MUCH it’s working perfectly on my EX4100

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Which GitHub source did you use to compile the code?

EDIT: Gotya. You’re still using the official ZeroTier CLI linux client, but it’s prettified. Thank-you. :slight_smile:

muchas, muchas gracias!!!

Working perfect on my My Cloud 2Tb, thnks!

@dswv42 I have a request. Could you implement this into the scripts that gets performed after ZeroTier has initialised?

It allows for packets to be forwarded to from the ZeroTier subnet to any device on the physical network. I got the code from the Docker startup script. It loads the kernel drivers that make it possible do this. I guess the script will need tweaking to make it a bit more bomb proof.

With the an updated Docker App installed on the WD NAS that does this magic when it loads, I can access the physical network when connected through ZeroTier.

I wonder if this can be made to also operate over egiga1?


# For iptables
ln -s /usr/local/modules/usrlib/xtables /usr/lib/xtables

if ! `lsmod | grep ^ipv6 &> /dev/null`; then
  echo "Loading ipv6"
  insmod /usr/local/modules/driver/ipv6.ko disable_ipv6=1

echo "Loading drivers"

# "/usr/local/modules/driver/nf_defrag_ipv6.ko"
# "/usr/local/modules/driver/nf_conntrack_ipv6.ko"

for m in "${drivers[@]}"; do
  echo "Loading $m"
  if ! insmod $m ; then
	echo "failed to load $m"
  #sleep 1

sysctl -w net.ipv4.ip_forward=1
PHY_IFACE=egiga0; ZT_IFACE=TheZeroTierVirtualInterfaceDeviceNameHasToReplaceThisText

Are you planning on version 1.6.5?

Hi @dswv42
Thanks for this, I just installed the package on my EX2Ultra and it seems to work fine.
I see the zerotier devs are really late on their WD packages (1.4.2)
I wonder why they don’t split the devices in github, get suggestions from the dev community (like you) and automate the build process.

Thanks, but now I have changed NAS, I have switched to the competition.

The cost is different but for the added features it is absolutely worth it, in addition to the attention to detail.
I was already using them at work and noticing the big difference I decided to change at home.

Buenas estoy intentando acceder a los enlaces de zerotier que me llevan a la página de gitapu pero no me funcionan los enlaces. Alguna solución gracias de antemano.

where can i download the zerotier for my EX4100? Thanks in advance.

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Is it possible you can upload the file so I can use on my EX4100?