Advice: upgrading ThinkPad T16 with 2TB SN810

I have a ThinkPad T16 with a 1TB SN810 installed, but I’m getting to the point where I feel I’d need to larger drive. I’m considering getting the 2TB SN810 and use the one currently in the machine in an external enclosure. From the perspective of heat dissipation, the mechanics of the replacement, application of thermal pads, etc. are there any points that I should be aware of before I get into this?
Are there maybe newer products that I should use instead (that are considered actual replacements of the SN810)?

Your advice will be greatly appreciated!

I don’t think there is any reason the 2TB would produce more heat than the 1TB. It really depends on the load it is getting, since I assume the actual load/usage of the drive will still be the same, temperature wise it will be the same. Simply having more space will not make it run hotter.
Personally, when I do an upgrade like this, I just clone the drive, and then expand the partition in windows after it boots on the new drive.

Now I’m having trouble finding that particular item for a decent price. Does that mean it’s been replaced in the product lineup?

prices for lower capacity SSD are at rock bottom and even 2TB SSD prices are lower

I use the SN350 2TB in my old laptop fine

the more expensive SN810 is less volatile