Advice please: want to copy music CDs to My Cloud Mirror as a media server

Now using a Microsoft Surface - so no CD/DVD player.

Looking for best way to copy CD collection onto My Cloud Mirror - long term project. In no hurray to complete.

Is it best to purchase a USB Blu-ray/DVD/CD player and copy to iTunes server on the WD My Cloud Mirror ?

Could I use a network attached Blu-ray player (Samsung BD-E5300) ? - checked with Samsung: product limitation, can’t use for this purpose, even when hard wired to LAN.

Any / All advice welcome. Many Thanks.

Yes, yes, this is what I would suggest. It’s like having a built in CD/DVD player. Putting them into iTuess also a good idea.

Many thanks. Will look into suitable USB DVD/CD players. Cheers.

And, I forgot to mention, I have a pretty good DVD/Blu-ray outboard USB drive made by Samsung I got at Amazon.

Thanks, will check it out. Cheers