Advice on WDTV please!

Hi, I’m looking to buy a WDTV but have a couple of question.

1, Is it possible to connect a WDTV to an old amplifier directly (my tv doesn’t have RCA out so I can’t go via that).

2, When you turn the WDTV off does it automatically power down the attached hard-drive

3, With large collections of films and pictures does it take long to index them at each start-up

Many thanks in advance to anybody who can advise on these queries.


  1. Yes, my advice is to connect via S/PDIF digital optical cable but the RCA (red and white) outputs will work for sound. The only negative is that you get 2.0 sound from that, maybe Dolby Pro Logic if your receiver does that.

  2. Seems to power down the 320GB Seagate that I have in a Vantec USB enclosure every time. Well, you can hear it power the drive off and spin the drive down. The Vantec USB enclosure is still powered on for me.

  3. Depends on what you have. It created an index folder/file on the drive so it doesn’t have to scan again unless you have made changes. If you have a serious collection like I do (80GB worth of MP3s) then it will take a while.

…many thanks for your reply. I’ve now bought a WDTV and I’m delighted with it.