Advice Needed

Hi all.

Long story short… My HP laptop’s graphics card has melted itself for the third time. Even though the screen doesn’t work and I can’t get a picture through the TV I can hear the windows start up noise and sign in noise so I know that some bits of it are working… I haven’t updated my wd passport essential for about a month so I wanted to try and retrieve the latest files. Ive plugged it into the laptop with the hope that it will update itself and wont need me to open up the programme and do it manually?? So basically I’m asking if the drive will update itself just by being plugged in… Is there any indication that this is working? I thought the led might flash? Also, I noticed by looking at the box the hard-drive came in that it stores system files… I’ve just brought a Sony Vaio and I’m wondering if theres anyway to select the files to back-up as I don’t want the system files anymore. I just want the music, pictures and documents?

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks :slight_smile:

There’s not going to be any way of knowing for sure without being able to see if the new files were backed up.  Can’t you pull the drive from the laptop and put it in an enclosure to read as a USB drive?

Thats what I ended up doing. I transfered the files from the external hard-drive to the new laptop but the last few months were missing. So I pulled the drive from my old laptop and plugged into a friends desktop.

Thanks for your help