Advice needed

Got 2 new WD1002FAEX and installed them on my Asus P5E3 Ws Pro and did a clean install Win7 64.

All OK. Just wanted some advice/concerning some notes on the HD concerning use of jumpers  on 3&4 for PUIS

and 5&6 for 3Gb limit. In order to get the best performance out of the HDs, do I need to enable PUIS or just leave

HDs as they are, i.e no jumper.

Thanks in advance.


Bump? Anybody?

Hi most newer sata controllers will auto set it to sata 2 speeds. The puis is factory so no jumpers is the way to go. If you get errors reading in windows jumper the drive for sata 2 mode otherwise I would use no jumpers.

Many thanks for your reply.