Advanced RMA gone

A couple of weeks of us pointing out the horrible new system & flaws of an advanced RMA, including their $25 arbitrary fee charged to the card every attempt at placing an order even ones that are going to be denied with a STATCODE358 for anything over $200 … and now WD has just got rid of Advanced RMA completely LOL. Still no type of communication when they change things either.

Great service guys. Pay a ton for a new hard drive, and they just get rid of the features.

No more advanced RMA. And I’m in the USA.

I’ve seen advanced RMA since 2005 or so… and now its just gone without any announcement. Very strange.

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It’s still available on my account, but doesn’t work. Just attempted one and received the STATCODE381 error.

What country is your account registered in?

US customers has no Advanced RMA option now. Just tried again

This press release yesterday confirms no advanced RMA

Advanced RMA is still available in Canada, but you won’t get anything shipped. Submitted several ARMAs a couple weeks ago for various irate customers, and as best as I can tell, the Canadian warehouse is inoperative.

why is WD Gouging me now… used to be good service the advanced RMA i just did the Advance RMA beinging of the month… i didnt notice in the email… but visa. charged me 35 bucks to do Advance RMA used to be free. what BS gouging is going on… costs me a fortune for hard drives and now they gouge me 35 bucks to send in a hard drive under warrenty "
The 25 Advance RMA Service Fee is a non-refundable charge that is separate from the amount that is withheld from your credit card. If WD does not receive your product(s) within 30 days from the date the replacement product was shipped, your card on file will be charged . If we are unable to charge your card, we will restrict your account from future Advance Replacement requests and void the warranty on your replacement product."

frigin BS guess last time i buy WD i bought it for reliablity and the Advance RMA not anymore really pissed off