Advanced Format Utility - Do I need it? How do I get it?

I have two new Scorpio Black 750gb notebook drives.  Notebooks run XP-Pro.  I have cloned my old drive using Clonezilla, then re-sized partitions (all six of them) on the new 750gb drive using SpotMau.

I saw the note on the drive label about using the Advanced Format Utility after cloning and partitioning the drive.  I can’t seem to download this utility.  I keep going in circles on the WD website, never getting to the actual file transfer link.  I do not block popups or anything like that.  I have registered and answered all the questions, but I continue to go in circles trying to actually download the file.  What gives?

Since you have Windows XP, yes you need to use it. If you are having problem with the web page, call tech support. 

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