Advanced Format Software 1TB WD Blue for XP

Please, give me a link, where i can download the program, 'cause I can’t register at WD - regform do not accept my real phone number (dunno why? :frowning: )!

Hi this is the link to the advanced format software for the blue series drives on win xp.

I know but after I try to download I need to register to WD but I can’t register because  regform do no accept my phone number.

That’s annoying, did you enter your area code along with your phone number when you tried?.
I have come across direct links to download that software before but they have all been removed due to licensing.

Your best bet would probably be to get in touch with WD via e mail support here: place your mouse pointer over “Support” (top right of the page) then click on “Phone & Email support” if you can’t even register to get online tech support then phone up the nearest office to you instead and explain the problem, you can select your country from this page here: and give them a ring.

*I keep getting the message Server Application Unavailable or 8 (0x00000008) messages on the main page at the moment though so I’m not sure if you might run in to the same problem.

I already do that. I contact the retailer and they give me the software. I’ll check it tomorrow evening and if still had a problem - the HDD is enough good without this WD align. :slight_smile:

I am glad to hear that you got it, I am going to be using the same software on a new hard drive myself sometime today after I install Windows XP Pro on it, the software allows you to install the program to USB stick which it makes bootable which is handy.

I’ll checked how much time is needed to do it - it was showed 33 minutes and I started it and now finished it - it is all fine.

(and faster than 33 min).

Good to know, I’m off to try it soon as I’m fed up using the old slow PC I’m using in the meantime.