Advanced Format problem

I have been using new Advanced Format drives and find them to be fast and reliable except for one thing which does not seem to get mentioned: In a Win7-64 machine, when copying to another non-AF disk, the speed is relatively slow.

Between partitions of the same AF disk the speed I see is almost what is specified at over 100 Megs/S.

Another older drive does around 70 Megs/S in the same situation but copying from the AF disk to the non-AF disk is only around 20 Megs/S.

Via a Gigabit net work, the speed is 70Megs/S regardless of disk type at either end but in the same machine, it is slow.

Is this to be expected? No jumpers or software for the AF are installed.

Interesting. Maybe your main board can’t handle AF and non AF on the same controller.