Advance Format question...plz help me out!

Anybody help me here??

I am a little confused about the Advance Format drive, specificlly it is WD15EARS.

It came with the Advance Format technology like the document said. But i have this question. For now I am using Window XP to use the drive the first time. I have a clean install as a secondary drive so i jumpered  7-8 pins like WD said, then format it as 1 partition for data storage (video, picture, music, document etc…). Later on, i will upgrade it to Windows 7. Do I need to do anything with the pin or something or I just need to plug the HD in and run it as usual? Of course when I upgrade, there will be many of my data in drive. They are my life so I dont want to risk with them.

Thanks ahead for any help.

You should have no issues with the jumpers.  Once aligned, the partition will simply be seen as aligned.   However, as always, make sure that you have your data backed up in multiple locations before you do the upgrade.