Adult movies details

Hello all!

I am an adult and therefore I sometimes like to watch adult movies, of pornographic material.
I have been told by the guys of TMDb that:

Not unless the application you use supports 2 things.

  1. v3 of our API
  2. The use of the include_adult parameter.

By default, searches do not include adult items. The documentation for this is: This can be toggled by this parameter but the application you use needs to support this. It would be best to contact the developers and see this is possible.

How can I enable this on my WDTV?

I guess no one wants to admit they also do watch this movies :smileyvery-happy:

but seriously now, try contacting the themers here or in the Hub Themes forum

The interface is similar on both so they might be able to help you twisted or add the content info for those movies

How could I do that? :slight_smile: I am a total newbie here :wink: