ADSL noise from PSU or NAS

Purchased one of these just under a month ago and had some initial problems which have hopefully now all been sorted out BUT I have had consistent problems with my internet connection since attaching the device.

ISP has been involved, engineer has visited and fixed a couple of minor issues but every time I power up the EX2 my internet starts to fail and will eventually disconnect multiple times slowly but surely knocking my connection speeds to unusable levels.

Have just tried yet again by powering down router and EX2. Have now got connected back to the internet at just over 3000 Kbps from having seen my speeds drop down to just over 1000 Kbps when the EX2 was powered up. There are also MANY, MANY CRC, HEC, ES and FEC issues when I try to use the internet with the EX2 powered up.

Could there be an issue with the PSU and/or the unit itself which is causing these problems ?

Is this a known issue - in which case I would be forced to return the unit as it is completely useless as it stands at the moment.

Thanks for any help anyone may be able to offer on this.

Hello there,

Are you connecting the unit to a surge protector or directly to the wall outlet?


Running from extension lead along with PSUs for my 2 USB drives which are connected to the NAS.