Administrator and Admin accounts on My Cloud PR4100

The admin account has a password and this is working fine. However, it was found out that users can map a drive to the My Cloud PR4100 unit using administrator which maps without a password. How can I set a password for the administrator account? The Administrator account does not show up in the Dashboard.

admin -> has password. Can access the Dashboard and map a drive w/ a password
administrator -> can map a drive without a password

That is not secure. And since administrator does not show in the Dashboard, a password cannot be set.

Please advise, Donna

There is a dedicated subforum for the WD PR Series. Note that the PR Series is a different device than the My Cloud unit (single bay/single drive) discussed in this subforum (My ClouD).

On the single bay My Cloud, in the Dashboard, the Admin user is denoted by a check mark next to the user name on the User tab. And one has to enable the Password option in order to be able to enter a password for the user.

The screen prints you provided are not useful.

Admin has a password, this is working.

When a user maps a drive with ‘admin’ it asks for a password. – This is good

When a user maps a drive with ‘administrator’ it maps without a password. – This is not good

So ‘admin’ and ‘administrator’ are ‘2 separate accounts’.

‘admin is visible’ in the Dashboard, ‘administrator is not visible’ in the Dashboard. So since admin has a password, how does one give administrator a password so that the system is not wide open?


How are you mapping the Share, using what operating system? I assume the Share being mapped is set to Private in the My Cloud Dashboard?

One suggestion. If using Windows, check the Windows Credentials Manager and remove any entry for the WD My Cloud. Reboot the computer and try to map the Share again and see if the issue persists.

Cannot reproduce the issue on a first gen (v4.x) single bay My Cloud. Using “administrator” or “Administrator” without a password does not map the Share.


It sounds like it might be a specific problem with the PR4100 so you should check in the PR Series subforum (link above) where users more familiar with that device may be able to assist. Could be some setting for some other service (like FTP for example) on the PR4100 might be the cause. Or there is a problem with the Samba configuration on that PR4100 where it is not blocking users correctly.