Admin URL not working

Hi - I used to access my LiveDrive admin screen from the following URL:

(Chrome browser on Mac 10.7.4 Lion)

This is no longer working. It now takes a very long time trying to load, but then fails.

Any suggestions?

Thanks, Victor

PS I can access the drive from Finder

Try pressing the reset button on the back of the my book for 4 seconds.

Tried that, also tried unplugging the power, but nothing works.

Any other advice?

Try using only the IP, without the /UI/#

Are you sure the IP is correct? It might have changed, during for instance a power out or a reboot of the router or the MBL.

Try rebooting the MBL.

Use the device name instead of the IP. For instance, if your MBL is called MyBookLive, (the name you see in Finder) you can enter mybooklive.local in the URL field in your browser.

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mybooklive.local worked. Thanks