Admin Folder Disappeared on first outing with MyCloud

I have just bought a mycloud 3TB. I am not the most tech aware person around so please bare with me.

I seem to not have a folder in my name when i log in. I aim the main admin for the cloud and when i am in the “my cloud dashboard” my name appears with the green tick in it under the users tab.

Since then i have added two additional users whose names both appear in the dashboard.

But when i log into MyCloud for some reason i do not have a folder under my name but the other two users have there’s.

I assume that when i first set up the device i should of been given a folder in my name?

I dont now if i have some how deleted it while playing around / trying to figure out how to use the MyCloud or there is a fault or i have not ticked a box somewhere.

Any suggestions.

Luckily i havent put much data on the system so would a simple factory reset and start again from scratch solve my issue?

I can add a folder in my name but to access it i would have to go in to one of the other users and then create a folder/share in my name. This is not ideal as i cant deny access to it from that user.

I hope this makes sense to someone as i know i am not up on the lingo!

Thanks for reading and hope someone can help.

If a factory reset is the answer how do i go about that?

Mny thanks WD Community

I also just purchased a WD MC 4TB, and there will be no folder with the admin user you created during setup.

All folders/shares which are created at startup can be accessd by the admin user.

If you need a folder just for a specific user, you create the folder and set the permission as you need them.