Adjust picture size in movies - fit to screen


I have a LG tv, 42LH3000 model, and in movies running with WD Live TV the picture is out of borders, there is a way to “fit to screen” the picture? In options menu the zoom function is not helping.

I had a popcorn hour and on that it was the “fit to screen” function and the “magnify” option to adjust when I played a movie.

The settings on my WD Live TV on video section is set to HDMI - Auto (or 1080p, 50 Hz) with 12 bit deep color mode, and wide screen format. 

It’s your TV’s settings for this - nothing to do with the WDTV Live. I’ve a PDP428xd and there’s a setting that allows for automatic adjustment for aspect ratio between 4:3, 16:9 etc.

Check your telly’s options, it’ll be in there somewhere.

Even if I set my TV aspect ratio to “original” or “16:9” is the same problem.

I’m starting to feel sorry for buying the WD Live TV, too many problems and few settings.

Must be a TV problem, I have a Baseline 42" plasma TV (has anyone heard of this make? ), which plays sd dvd’s with normal border on top and bottom. The WD option zoom works in 3 stages to full screen.

Did you try setting your WDTV to Normal (4:3) instead of widescreen? That’s what worked for me (and I have a widescreen TV). Then I set my TV to “Full”

I still think something is off on the widescreen settings with the WDTVlive but this worked for me.

I have the same problem. It’s not the TV. They need to put and option to fit to width in the box so it fits properly and doesn’t crop the sides. Very annoying.

Yea I HATE that. I have already asked them to change it. Please VOTE

I setup my WD TV live on the weekend and am having similar problems…

I have an old Sony 4:3 CRT televsions and tried watching some mkv files that work fine on my popcorn hour…

When using the WD TV live, it’s creating Black Bars on the left and right and squashing the picture?

How can I make it send a 4:3 signal to my TV ???

The configuration settings in the menu did not seem to make a difference?