Additional Streaming Channels in Australia

Any chance the WTDV Live team could look into adding SBS’s On Demand at Channel 7’s PLUS7 at Channel 10’s stuff at

I’m sure those companies would be more than happy to have additional audiences and I’m also sure the WDTV team would benefit from increased consumer interest as a result of those additions. It would make the device far more interesting here in Australia where we have very limited stuff to watch on the WDTV live streaming services.

The current programming offered on WDTV is just too low grade to even consider watching.

Here’s hoping someone in the WDTV team takes notice! Why doesn’t someone give them a call to explore the possibility?

just quoting   Bill_S    regarding  SBS On Demand & Plus 7     

Status: Unplanned

Thanks for the input. Unfortunately, we currently have no plans for adding SBS or Plus 7

Edit: me personally, I already have SBS On Demand & Plus 7 for a long time now on my PS3, Panasonic TV, Tablet , Phone ([Phone/Tablet] can Miracast  SBS On Demand & Plus 7 to the WDTV as well) …