Additional files

On the back up page are two boxes one for the pc one for the passport each has a list of files Pictures,Other,Mail,Music etc all in blue. However I have additonal files which is in grey.I have been trying to access these additional files but seem unable to do so.

How can I access these files and move them back to the PC?

Many thanks in advance.


Hi dude!!

The “Additional files” box needs to be restored manually from inside your drive since they are pretty much all of the files inside your drive that were NOT copied with Smartware (This means files that were copied manually into the drive) or corrupted backup files.

Hope it helps!


I have that same problem also and do not know how to fix it


Many thanks but the problem is finding the additional files inside the passport. What I think happened was that I let the passport do a back up of photos. I then deleted the photos on the laptop thinking they were easily available in the passport. Alas no. I’m certain the additional files are these photos but I cannot find them in retrieval.

How can I access or search for these?

Many thanks