Additional files grayed out

Can somebody help me retrieve additional files which is grayed out when I am in backup setting on my book, any help is appreciated.



The additional files on your drive could be:

1- Files that where saved manually into the drive.

2-Files backed up using another backup software.

3-A backup done with WD Smartware on another computer.

If you saved these files manually into the drive then you will have to restore then manually. If a backup was done with another backup software then you will have to use the same software to retrieve them.

If you used WD Smartware and they still show grayed out, then you can manually access the backup folder in your drive. 

Go to “computer” and then click on the external drive icon, here you will find a folder called “WDSmartware.swstor”. This is the backup folder where you will find all backups done using WD Smartware software, you may browse this folder and copy you files back to your computer.