Adding to favourites on youtube

Has anyone figured out how to add videos to your favourites through the WD TV Live Hub?  I have both a keyboard as well as the remote and can’t seem to figure it out.  Any help is appreciated.


Have you tried pressing the options button on the remote.

Thanks for replying.

I did try that but nothing came up.


Is your “Media Library” On ? 

(i know this will resolve adding an online service to ‘favourites’ but i’m not sure about a ‘channel’ or ‘video’ within Youtube)

anyways, “worth a try”  if you haven’t done so :smiley:

Setup > System > Media Library > On

Will double check. TY.

Which YouTube service are you using. The old YouTube video or the new YouTube lean back. Are you signed into YouTube. On the old YouTube video service you press options when you have selected a video and it allows you to add to favourites.


Thanks.  That suggestion helped me.  I was using the leanback service.  Navigating to the original youtube service worked…