Adding more storage to PR4100

Hi all, this is my first post and am new to the world of NAS drives so let’s see if I can explain what I want to do

I have a pr4100 that has two 6tb drives installed that are currently set to raid 1.

I have just purchased 2 more 6tb drives to install in bays 3 and 4 and want these to be installed giving me a total of 12tb storage and a complete backup, however I am in sure how to do this and don’t want to reset any of the first two drives as I have no back up else where. Any help on this is appreciated. I don’t want to do something and lose all the media on my drives.

Welcome! It should be a simple matter of powering off the NAS (just for good measure, the drives are technically hot-swappable), inserting the two new drives, powering on the NAS, selecting the Storage tab from the web UI and adding another RAID1 array with the new drives. It might take a little while for the drives to be formatted and configured correctly, but nowhere near the multiple hours that you see when rebuilding an existing array after adding more storage.

Feel free to return to the forums if something doesn’t work as it should. You should be in no danger of losing any data on the original array, as those drives shouldn’t even be touched in this process.