Adding favorites WD TV Live

Just bought a new Live Media Player and I can’t figure out how to add a ‘Service’ as a favorite, or even how to remove the default favorites?? I read somewhere that all I needed to do was go to the service I want to add to favorites and press the Options button, but when I do that nothing happens at all. Any help?

WD- WD TV Live Media Player

You need to have the Media Library ON

Setup > System > Media Library > ON


Now, when you press the Option Button, “favourite” will be there.

Ok, I checked and Media Library was already set to On…I toggled it to off and back to on, but still no way to get the Favorites to show up when pressing Option

It should be working if you set the Media Library ON. :confounded:

Maybe try resetting the unit ?

Setup > System > Device Reset > Rest All Settings Back To Factory Default

You actually need to have a media library… Either an active share on a NAS or by plugging in USB memory stick.