Adding as much storage as possible?

Im curious to see what way to go about getting as much storage as possible.

Currently you can have (2) 3tb USB drives. But after using network shares it got me thinking. Can I use a server instead?

What if I just used a dedicated server with like 20 drive bays. Would this work ? I dont see why not but maybe I am missing something. Maybe someone can clear things up ?

I plan on ripping all my DVDs (serious task, I know) because I have noticed some of my retail disc have gone bad already.

I would hate to lose my movie collection so lets see if this Summer I can rip 300+ DVDs :laughing:

But this is going to take some serious space. This is why I need to know how to add as much space as I can.

If the server connects trough the network it will not be a problem…

As of now the unit only supports drives up to 3tb via USB 

I’m running a windows home server (V1) and using windows network share to access 10 Tb of movies.  It all works great and the WHS is solid as a rock.  One note (if you install WHS) – The old WHS (version 1) is 32 bit and has the ability to expand storage as far as your hardware will allow.  The new WHS (2011) is a 64 bit system which had the “drive expander” system removed.  This would force you to buy a third party drive expansion solution for your server.  Many of us choose to stay on V1 WHS due to this newly imposed limitation.

And, yes, it is a whole lot of work to rip 500 DVDs, convert them, thumbgen them for moviesheet data, etc.  But it sure looks great on the big screen.  You get movie descriptions, box art, backdrops, etc.  And it works fine all the way up to the “not yet released” firmware 3.05.10 (I’m  beta testing it).



You’re beta testing firmware that was released 5 days ago? Heheh… I guess we all are. :slight_smile: