Adding another device under same user

I want to add a newly acquired Android tablet. I installed the My Cloud app on the tablet and logged in as the same user that my phone and PC are using, I’ll call it username. I had gone into the My Cloud app on my PC and requested a code for a new device, but I do not get prompted for it on the tablet and do not see a place to enter it. I have access to all the files on the My Cloud device.

When attempting to set up the backup it will not let me save camera pictures to username/tablet, it will only allow me to access the Public area to create a folder or save pictures to.

I tried to compare how my phone was set up versus the tablet and my phone is saving to username/phone just fine. Set up the phone a long time ago and don’t remember how I did it. The examples in the knowledge base only show saving the backup to Public. Could not find anything in the user manual that gets me passed this.

Does it have something to do with needing to use the access code I generated? Can’t find instructions or screen shot that matches what my tablet is showing me using the My Cloud app.

What I am missing?

Thank you.



I recommend you contact WD support for assistance.