Adding an additional NAS device to a LAN

Presently on my LAN I have a My Book World Edition (white light) with the device name of NETWORKDRIVE. I’ve had this device for quite sometime and as per a previous post I suspect may be failing.

As my router has a spare LAN port on it, I’m thinking of adding a My Book Live as an additional device on the LAN with the idea of migrating off the My Book World Edition.

I would just like to know if there are any special considerations to keep in mind when connecting and installing the new device.

Is there a faster/smarter way to copy files between NAS devices other than using regular Windows copy/paste?



You shouldn’t have any problems with that. Just make sure that the names of the units are different and it will be by default. :smiley:

Copy/paste will be the best option to make sure that you move all your information and that you are not missing anything.