Adding a Second DX4000 to the network


 I currently have a 12TB DX4000 thats working great. Is it possible to add another 8tb or 12tb to the network. The reason I am asking is because of the dashboard… will it show both storage servers or no. Just wondering if anyone has this setup



As long as you give them different names you can have as many as you want.  But there is no integration. 

Do you have more than 25 pc’s to back up or do you have more data than 12tb?

You can rdp to each DX and launch the dashboard on the server(s)

I have about 25 TB total right now on my network. Only 3 Pcs… nothing is backed up other than the data on the server. Thanks for the fast reply! 

You can only install one of the servers dashboard on a PC, but you can simply make shortcuts to the shares from both boxes on each desktop if you like.  Just add the same user names and passwords to the second box as users, unless it is domain joined it will  just work

thank you !


I have the exact same setup and it is working fine…

Only a few PCs but lots of data (more than 12GB)…

a) I have two DX4000 boxes with different names (creatively, DX4001 and DX4002):smiley:

b) I have a domain, so I joined both DX4000’s to the domain… which automatically inherits all user names, passwords and privileges

c) As Gramps indicated, you can ony install one dashboard for each individual PC, but you can use Remote Desktop to login to both servers from any PC on the network and run the dashboard from the server’s desktop.

d) Finally, any share that you create from either DX4000 should be visiible and available to all PCs on the network without having to use the dashboard on the local PC

I have not setup any remote web access, so I cannot comment on any connectivity issues beyond access from the local network - but everything works fine locally. :smileyvery-happy:

Thanks for everyones help.

I bought (2) more DX4000’s  both 8TB. I bought them off ebay for 400 bucks each!!! total steal man … came bran new from WD.

Everything is working out well, I did as you guys said

thanks again !

They may be stolen LOL

i hope not ! i was shocked they came right from western digital… have not a clue ! arg!