Adding a new JBOD to the EX4


I have a requirement to have the EX4 running JBOD configuration and have had 3 drives installed working fine and I just tried to add in the final 4th drive to the already built and setup EX4. The drive is showing up in the dashboard in the disk status but I cannot work out how to format and add the new drive as a JBOD. The only option i can see is to “change RAID mode” but this looks like it will format all existing drives.

The following answer in the knowledge base “Replacing an internal drive on a WD My Cloud EX2, or EX4 Personal Cloud drive” - answer id 11007 talks about how to handle failed drives for the EX4 adding a JBOD back in, saying 

“A notification will appear on the Dashboard, indicating that a new drive has been added to the device. Create a new JBOD Volume on the drive and, when done, that new volume will be accessible as normal.”

But no such notification appears…how on earth do i add the 4th drive in as a JBOD???

The only option I can see is to activate SSH and start actually using the server directly, however there’s a warning saying this will void my warrenty which i’d rather not do.



Please ignore this, I am not sure how I missed it but the ‘create JBOD volume’ is in the ‘change RAID mode’ window.

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