Add user issue

Hello WD community,
If I try to add a new user i don’t have the “Email address field”, is that normal?

The only fields I have are:

  • User name
  • Description
  • Password
  • Confirm Password

I followed the instructions but I can’t create user to access through MyCloud

All comments are very appreciate, kind regards.

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Hi @Mjoelk
Many thanks for your answer, I have two users created (admin & other) and I still have the same options. If I go to “Shares” I can see my folder with the data but in the field “User Access” I can modify anything of the two users created. If I go to the “Cloud Access” the list of users is always freeze with the message “Waiting for users” and never show me the two active users.

Maybe is something of the firmware?, actually I have the 5.13.115.

Kind regards.

Normally this means the My Cloud device cannot connect to the WD Cloud Servers. IE: the list of users on the local device cannot sync up with the WD Cloud Servers.

The following article should help. If not, Collect the System Logs and send to support.

My Cloud OS 5: Failed to Create Cloud User or Cloud Access Updating Message

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