Add rss feeds with custom video content - working on WDTV SMP Version 3

While trying to find a podcast RSS I have discovered that I can create custom feeds with video links. After successfully getting the podcast to stream by modifying an existing feed, I carried out further testing, the result being I was able to stream content from veoh, novamov, movies archive etc I have created a web application that creates the XML file after the respective data is added to the form on the website. I have successfuly streamed video files with .mp4, .avi and .flv extensions, however the application is provided ‘as is’, there is no guarantee it will stream the added content.

The website address is  If anyone wants the code for the application ( it is very basic) get in contact. .


Thanks for sharing 

I have enhanced the website application by allowing the mime type for the file to be changed for each link. I have tested the streaming function with files from a local webserver (WD My Book), I was able to view content with .mp4, .avi and .mpg file extensions.

If anyone thinks there are other types that should be included get in contact.