Add My Cloud Home as network drive

I recently bought a My Cloud Home and I want to access it as a network drive on my Android tablet. It isn’t obvious what the IP address is but after finding it out from my router. I still can’t access any files from my Android tablet.


User Manual: My Cloud Home and My Cloud Home Duo (

You may want to search the Knowledge Base too.
Search Support | Western Digital

The user manual doesn’t have any information relevant to my question. I can access it using the My Cloud app, however, I want to access it through other apps as a network drive.


Did you use the second link and search the Knowledge Base?

I did. Nothing was relevant.

Please refer to the following article that describes the differences between the Private and Public space on My Cloud Home and how to mount each:

My Cloud Home: Private User Space & Public Share Access

If there are further questions, please open a case with our agents at:

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I see. It’s kind of a pointless device then really.

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