Add HDD to PR4100 USB port

I connected an HDD (formatted fat) to one of the 2 USB ports on the rear part of the PR4100
I have a message “The HDD disk cannot be” mounted "
when I go to the administration of the PR4100, the HDD appears well

I tried to copy / paste a file on the disk and everything is fine including when I go to read these files from the new HDD-USB
I think this HDD is not recognized and that it is not “compatible” with WesternDigital for reasons which I do not know.
on the other hand it is clearly visible in the administration of the PR4100 but it is now impossible to delete it, it appears “grayed out” in the management and I therefore cannot select it then click on “Folder-” to delete it.
How to remove it
Thank you

@michelv did you manually Eject the USB drive from the PR4100 in the AdminUI dashboard or did you just remove the USB stick? Performing a System Only Restore should resolve this issue, however we would like the system logs to check the issue.

Please contact support and provide your PR4100 system logs.

impossible to remove manually from the PR4100 in the AdminUI dashboard
i remove the USB stick

@michelv System Did you contact support and provide the system logs? What’s your case number?
A System Only Restore from the dashboard should resolve the issue.

Hello SBrown
I have not yet had time to look and find the logs then send to the technical service sorry …