Add extension to backup

Hello - I use Photoshop Elements which  has an extension that WD passbook apparently does not recognize or use so therefore does not back up. Is there some way to add this extension to the image types that it currently does back up. The extension is PSD. Thank you.

Hi there, Smartware does not allow to add extensions; what if you try another backup software that gives you more freedom? I use Windows Backup, but there are even better tools…

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Thanks for reply. I went to WD knowledge base and .psd is listed as an extension that is backed up. For some reason, it just isn’t backing my .psd files up. I have windows backup set to run backups so I guess that will take care of all extensions, if I read your msg correctly. BTW, do you know if  windows backup can run as well as the smartware backup? Don’t see that that would be a conflict. Thanks again.

They can both run at the same time with no conflicts, the only drawback I see is that you’ll be taking double the space off your drive.

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ok - that would certainly be true - so to just use windows b/u, do I get rid of the wd software and then just run windows? Add/remove programs to remove? Also, can you look at the files that are backed up in the windows program on the wd drive? That’s one thing I like about the wd software - you can see what’s backed up and you can also choose individual folders or files to retrieve. That’s how I was able to see that .psd wasn’t being backed up. Thanks again.