Add an USB HD

Try to ask this to the italian forum, but i didnt get any answer.

I need to back-up my data stored into a MC 2TB.
So i’m going to buy an esternal USB HD.

My questions are:

  1. has the capacity of the USB HD be the same of the my MC (2TB)?

  2. has the USB to be self-powered?

  3. any suggestion about a model?

  4. MC SW always report safepoint not back-up, is a safepoint the same of a back-up?

  5. last question in my new USB HD will I find something like a copy/paste or something compressed and encrypted

Tnx in advance and tnx for your patient.


Have you read the User Manual?

Tnx for your help.
I read the italian version manual (pag 92).
Now I’ve got answer about my question #4, but any answer regarding my questions #1, #2, #3 and #5.



If you are performing a Safepoint / Backup of the My Cloud contents to the USB external hard drive then that external hard drive has to be the same size or larger than the contents being backed up.

No. But some find it helpful.

No. Any USB external hard drive should work provided it is not encrypted.

Safepoint does that from time to time on my end too. Not sure why. I usually just run a manual backup again and it reports completed. One can check the Alert/Notification messages icon () to see if it reports anything more post backup.

A Safepoint backup simply mirrors the content of your My Cloud to the USB external hard drive. It does not compress or encrypt the backup files. All files can be accessed using a standard file manager like Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder.

@Bennor tnx, very very clear and helpful!