Add a second ultra 2x 8t to my network

Can I add a second ultra 2x 8t to my network that already has ultra 2x 4t

Hi @Dave18,

Please be informed that both drives need to be of the same capacity.

If you are talking about adding a second 2x8TB NAS to your network with a current 2x4TB NAS installed, of course you can. Just plug it in (it will need a different name to your original NAS).


Thanks, got it going and it seems fine with the 8t connected, but both hd’s seems to disappear from the left side panel of the mac finder window now and again, even though it will be in networks. Not a real issue but it does mess up some of the workers using it. Any thoughts?

This happens in Windows, depending on the version and network settings. Don’t know anything about MACs, though. Did it only start after you added the second NAS?

No, did it before with the single unit, truth be told the internet is bad here and it effects everything from adobe cloud to quick books. I just blame that.